Online Content – What You Need to Know to Get a Click

The average adult Internet user claims to spend over 20 hours online per week – 20 hours! 

So it’s no secret that online content is more important than ever for both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) companies. But just because everyone spends half their workweek on the Internet doesn’t mean they’re all reading the same content. And that’s why we, the content creators, must always be on our toes for the latest and great in online content and knowledgeable of where each audience is interacting.

Luckily, VerticalResponse posted this infographic on some of the different types of online content – email copy, blog copy, social media copy – along with some pointers to help you be successful in 2016. 

Here’s are the highlights of their research:

Email – leverage a call-to-action and compelling imagery.

Newsletter – use sections, short sentences and a call-to-action. 

Blog – leverage keywords, short sentences and links to other content.

Facebook – Ask questions and share links, videos and images.

Instagram – keep it contextual, short and tag appropriate locations.

LinkedIn – include shareable information, questions and links.

Twitter – keep it short, use hashtags, retweets and replies. 

Pinterest – use a headline and call-to-action.

Website – keep important info above the fold, use keywords and a call-to-action.

These tips are a great start and will be invaluable in the coming year, but remember that online content is constantly changing, so you should be too. Stay tuned for more on how to write great content for your customers this year.