Hubspot and Don’t Fall into the Social Divide!

Imagine yourself as the CEO of a large successful company. Over time you have built from the ground up an empire among the business world with top-notch employees specializing in management, advertising, marketing, sales, communications, etc. You have risen above much of the competition – what more could you ask for? Much, much more.

Ever wonder how Amazon, Facebook or Google became so successful? For starters, they learned how to transform and adapt to the rapidly changing business world. The biggest transformation being that they have become experts in social media. 

It was after a recent webinar[TITLE AND URL (if there is one)] by Hubspot and,  that I realized just how powerful of a tool social media is. Brian Halligan, CEO and Co-Founder of Hubspot and George Hu, EVP Marketing and Platform of provided three tips that I believe every company should be implementing.

  1. Develop a social customer profile: Social media gives you a whole new view into your customers to help better understand who they are and tailor how you are going to create outstanding customer service for each customer.
  1. Develop an employee social network: Connect with your employees to find out what kinds of things they are interested in. What are they thinking? Establishing a close network internally will help the company externally.
  1. Develop a customer social network: Find out what your customers are saying about the company and use this network to engage directly with them, showing that you care. 

Now that you have a better idea about social media and how it should be used, it’s time to focus on what kinds of content you should be sharing. How do you know what or how much content to share? Easy. Create tons of available content and make it remarkable. According to Halligan, coming up with that remarkable content and dispersing it everywhere, is the ticket to success.

Human beings are changing, and the ways in which we communicate with one another continues to evolve. Times are shifting, and we need to be ready to adapt and embrace these changes. 

So tell us, how has the shifting business environment impacted you and or your company dynamics? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.