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In a Down Market, It’s Not All Bad SoCal!

On his blog, Benjamin Kuo shares five reasons a down market can actually benefit Southern California’s technology businesses from new opportunities to clearing out the competition. Click here for the full list and be sure to share any he forgot in the comments below.

Corporate Social Media Use

In the Fire! Fire! Fire! blog post from Tech PR Review, the blogger discuses the danger of negativity on social media spreading like wildfire. The blogger asks the question of whether companies should have social media policies in place and discusses how to make sure employee social media use does not hurt your company.

How to Have a Successful Press Tour

David S. at Deep <Tech> Dive shares Six tips for a successful press tour, including practice, brevity and follow-up. Read his post for the full list and let us know in the comments below your best tips for a successful press tour.

How To Recover From A Social Media PR Disaster

Politicians, athletes, and shoe companies all have the same problem – a troubling tweet that goes viral.  If social media slip-ups are inevitable, as Zachary Sniderman believes in this post from the American Express Open Forum, then it’s worthwhile thinking of a way to recover.  How?  “Be quick, be honest and try not to take yourself too seriously.”  More details are here.

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