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Lessons from the First Innovator in Chief

Usually, when someone thinks of George Washington, they think of him as the general who beat the British, first U.S. president or that guy on the $1 bill. But on a recent tour of Mt. Vernon – Washington’s home and plantation – I was struck by his business acumen, specifically by how innovative he was.…
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Even Professional Writers Can Use a Refresher on Good Writing

One of my clients, Exec-Comm, a business communication skills consulting firm, recently hosted its Action Writing public program and invited me to join as a participant. The program is designed to help business people write better to achieve action from readers. As someone who has worked in PR for the past five years, I consider…
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Trip Report: Three Views of How Social Media Can Work

Amber and I recently attended a Corporate Leaders Breakfast organized by California Lutheran University centered on the hot topic, "Embracing Social Media for Business." The panel of social media experts came from three different marketing scenarios: a web-based business, a social media agency and a large corporation. They all brought different perspectives to the use…
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