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Communicating the Pivot

Pivots – the changing of direction that restarts growth in a company – are in the news lately. Twitter, PayPal, Groupon, Starbucks and Nokia are all publicized examples of successful pivots. Most experts say that pivots are a good and necessary thing for all businesses. But, they often involve getting into new markets or making…
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Lessons from the First Innovator in Chief

Usually, when someone thinks of George Washington, they think of him as the general who beat the British, first U.S. president or that guy on the $1 bill. But on a recent tour of Mt. Vernon – Washington’s home and plantation – I was struck by his business acumen, specifically by how innovative he was.…
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The Power of Branding at Xerox

Engineers and branding often times don’t mix well. The value of branding activity is not always apparent and not easily measured. When compared to spending money on a workstation, it can be hard to justify the cost of a brand-building project. But listening to Ursula Burns, CEO and Chairman of Xerox – herself an engineer…
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