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Legal Issues in Social Media and How to Avoid Them

By Krystal Rhaburn [caption id="attachment_2626" align="alignright" width="412"] Flickr photo by gentlehorizons[/caption] On Wednesday, August 22, I attended an event hosted by the California Gold Coast PRSA Chapter entitled “Social Media Legal Problems.” I’ve never had an interest in law and legal topics, however this event opened my eyes to things that I should be definitely…
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A Word of Advice for Entrepreneurs

If you are an entrepreneur, Adam Draper has one word of advice for you: focus. He actually had many words for the 100 or so assembled entrepreneurs who came to hear him speak at the Cal Lutheran Center for Entrepreneurship as part of the 805 Startups program organized by Alon Goren (twitter: @alonymous). But focus…
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Wikipedia: Are Changes to Terms of Use a Tool or a Target on PR?

Wikipedia is now considering a proposed amendment to its terms of use. The gist of the proposal is that contributors and editors who get paid to add or modify content in a Wikipedia entry, must disclose their financial relationship when editing, for transparency and quality control. The idea is to help eliminate biased entries, but…
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