Giving our Technology Public Relations Clients a Microphone

Photo Credit: Flickr User James Cridland

Photo Credit: Flickr User James Cridland

We talk to our clients every day, but on an annual basis we give them an opportunity to tell us how they feel DJA's technology public relations programs performed for them during the last year. Good or bad. Anonymously, if they want.

What did they say? Here are some direct quotes from the 2013 DJA Client Satisfaction Survey:

“The recent blog posts and press releases have really demonstrated DJA’s understanding of our business!”

“I really appreciate the great service!”

“My internal teams were very happy with the level of professionalism that the agency brought to our interactions with industry analysts.”

“We had a small budget but the agency was still able to deliver a very professional project that enabled us to keep pace with the competition and deliver a pipeline of prospects.”

Yes, we received some constructive criticism as well. But the above quotes are important to me because they show that overall, we’re meeting the client service objectives as set out in our mission statement, which are:

  • Provide excellent customer service
  • Provide the best strategic thinking
  • Deliver diligent program execution

Can we help you fulfill your mission?

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