Tradeshow Marketing

Tradeshow MarketingTradeshow marketing often feels like a must for B2B companies, but can seem like an overwhelming task. From deciding whether or not to spend marketing budget on attending events, to identifying the appropriate events for exhibition and then selecting the perfect booth location to figuring out how to get traffic to the booth, it can be difficult to know where to begin and an overwhelming logistical challenge once you do begin.

But tradeshow marketing has many benefits when done correctly. A tradeshow can be a great location for a new product launch or solution showcase, to meet potential customers, meet press or industry analysts or to see what the competition is doing.

The David James Agency (DJA) has helped a wide variety of B2B companies with tradeshow marketing and that experience and success ensures that DJA can assist your company in maximizing impact at a tradeshow, whether exhibiting, speaking, or simply attending.

Tradeshow Marketing Event Logistics

Once the proper events have been identified that are a great showcase for your company’s tradeshow marketing program, there are many working parts to ensure successful exhibition. DJA can advise on every aspect of event logistics, from selecting and completing the contract for renting a space on the tradeshow floor to coordinating booth furnishing vendors, AV vendors, insurance vendors, graphic vendors, promotional giveaway vendors and more. DJA can handle the many aspects of tradeshow marketing logistics so that your team can focus its efforts on product development and preparing for important meetings with customers or partners on the tradeshow floor.

Media Relations

Speaking of important meetings, tradeshows are a great place to coordinate time for meeting with industry analysts and editors to give updates on the latest products and company news. DJA will work with the tradeshow management to secure the event media list, identify which industry analysts and editors are appropriate for your company and coordinate the meeting details as well as staff those meetings.

Tradeshow Speaking

Many executives have seen their peers and competitors speaking at tradeshows and wondered how they got on the stage. Sometimes tradeshow speaking is a perk of tradeshow sponsorship, but often there are open calls for speakers in which companies can submit an abstract to apply to speak at the event – for free. DJA can track speaking calendars at relevant industry events, prepare and submit speaking abstracts and coach executives for success when speaking on stage.

Being included in the event program as a speaker is a great way to generate buzz about your company ahead of a tradeshow and to boost traffic to your booth during the event. Tradeshow speaking is also a great option for companies with limited tradeshow marketing budget, allowing executives to share thought leadership at an event without the added cost of exhibiting.

Contact us today to find out how DJA can help your company maximize your tradeshow marketing efforts to ensure success at your next event.