The Race to $900 Million

There's a small, but strong, group of entrepreneurs in "the 805," the California region that ranges from Thousand Oaks to north of Santa Barbara. Its not as famous as Silicon Valley, nor does it match the growing entrepreneurial fame of Los Angeles to the south.

But if the team at 805 Startups has its way, the region's entrepreneurial success may put it on the map as a standalone technology startup success. The group held the first "State of 805 Tech," event (more details here) yesterday attracting more than 200 people to hear four pre-eminent investors talk about the reality of the startup scene in the 805.

The news was good (more engineers live here than the panel expected) and sobering (we're still no where near even LA). What does the region need to take off? A local engineering school. A couple of big hits. And a community like 805 Startups to encourage people along the way.

What happens if 805 Startups succeeds? The infographic below has some great stats on the impact startups could have on the community:


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