What We’re Reading: How B2B Companies Can Leverage Influencer Marketing

By Krystal Rhaburn

Where: Article Post on Spin Sucks: https://spinsucks.com/marketing/b2b-influencer-marketing/

Background: Tom Augenthaler is the founder of The Influencer Marketer, and is “obsessed with helping dynamic companies use influencer marketing to connect with their target markets, generate leads and grow.” Augenthaler has been in the field for almost 10 years, and shares his expertise on his blog, as well as through contributing posts for Social Media Examiner and Social Media Today. In his recent post for PR industry site “Spin Sucks,” he explained the value of influencer marketing for B2Bs and debunked many widely held beliefs.

Photo by Olu Eletu on Unsplash

Takeaways: One of Augenthaler’s main points is that just because influencer marketing is commonly seen amongst B2C brands, it does not mean that B2B companies cannot benefit from utilizing the strategy. He explains that tactfully involving influencers in marketing campaigns and strategies can bring B2Bs closer to their target markets and allow them to bring about ROI for their company. To elaborate, Augenthaler makes some important notes about B2B influencer marketing:

  • B2B influencers will most likely be found on platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter in comparison to B2C influencers often seen on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.
  • Regardless of which platform and influencer(s) a company chooses, the most vital element of their campaign is the defining of their target market and the understanding of what sparks action amongst them. In turn, this will make the process of choosing influencer(s) much more streamlined and efficient. Along with this are the steps of determining goals and KPIs.
  • It is helpful to create shareable content, and work with the influencers to do so since they know their audience best. Augenthaler gives the examples of infographics, video and podcast interviews, compelling images, white papers and blog posts as possibilities for what forms this content could take.

Bottom Line: B2Bs can use influencer marketing just as B2Cs can. If done well, companies can promote their products, services, or promotional offers with a much more extended reach than they would have had alone.

Krystal Rhaburn is the summer 2018 DJA intern and a California Lutheran student.

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