Paid Earned Shared Owned Whitepaper

Paid Earned Shared Owned

Marketers are using the paid earned shared owned model (PESO® model) to redefine public relations and social media marketing. PESO can be leveraged in different ways throughout the buyer’s journey from prospect to happy customer.

Originally conceived by Spin Sucks, public relations professionals and marketers everywhere are adopting this powerful tool. The PESO model is designed to maximize the various types of media a company uses to promote their business. By considering how one piece of content can be leveraged for paid earned shared owned media, a company can amplify the reach and impact of public relations and marketing campaigns.

Types of Paid Earned Shared Owned Media

Unsure of what defines the paid, earned, shared, owned media types? Here’s a refresher:

  • Paid: Paid media may include various types of advertising—sponsoring a LinkedIn or Twitter post, running a Facebook ad, or working with a particular media outlet to promote and distribute a piece of content, such as an eBook or whitepaper.
  • Earned: Earned media is most similar to traditional public relations, in that it involves engagement with external editors. Ways to gain earned media include press releases, story pitches or contributing an article written by a company executive to a publication.
  • Shared: Shared media is one that is likely familiar - organic social media. That is, the content posted directly by a company on its social media feeds.
  • Owned: Owned media is exactly as it sounds – content that a company has created itself and controls. The company may post this content its own web properties or distribute via email. This type of media may also include a blog written by a company executive or a single topic microsite. Other examples include infographics, videos, podcasts or webinars.

PESO and the Buyer’s Journey

Simply understanding the paid earned shared owned media types is not enough to ensure an impactful campaign. Take, for example, a marketing introduction of a new technology. Which of the paid earned shared owned media types are best to help customers recognize they have a problem that needs to be solved with the new technology? 

Better Engage Prospects and Efficiently Convert Leads

In our free whitepaper, DJA explains how to combine the paid earned shared owned model (PESO model) to maximize prospect and customer interactions. Readers will learn:

The buyer’s journey replaces the traditional marketing funnel as the way to understand what is going on in the mind of the prospect as he or she moves closer to a purchase.

  • The four media strategies of the PESO model and what PESO is not
  • How each PESO media strategy can be maximized at each stage of the buyer’s journey
  • When to not waste money on advertising and paid social media
  • How to balance a marketing campaign to meet the needs of all of your prospects

Understanding how the PESO model can impact the various phases of the buyer’s journey will ensure you’re making maximum impact with prospects and customers. Download this free whitepaper today!

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