Marketing Strategies, Public Relations and Social Media Manager

Why DJA? Our Five Values

DJA is driven by five agency values that make us the best partner for your PR, content or marketing programs. These values are what ensure that we consistently deliver on our pledge to create clear communications that inspire action:

Be good at what we do: DJA team members are selected for their expertise in public relations, content creation, and marketing strategy. But the social web is constantly changing and evolving, which means new opportunities to grow brand awareness. We are constantly honing our skills and learning and training in order to deliver excellence in an ever-changing field.

Provide excellent customer service: DJA strives to listen, follow through and be responsive to our clients; and they notice. Year after year, we get the best marks on customer satisfaction in our annual client surveys. Our goal is to be considered part of the team by all the clients we serve.

Provide the best strategic thinking: The best marketing results come from great strategies, and DJA starts its strategy planning by understanding client’s business and goals, using best practices, developing the right messaging and measuring results that can be fed back into the strategy.

Diligent program execution: Once a plan has been decided upon, then we start to deliver the results, focusing on developing flawless documents, leveraging media relationships, making the most of each opportunity, and participating in regular plan review and status meetings.

Grow and be profitable: It’s only by growing our business that we can provide the opportunities for personal progress for our team members as well as bring on new resources that can add value to our client programs.

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