Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

It’s great when prospective customers come to your website ready to buy.  But many more come to your site at some other point in their buying process – they are interested, but not ready to buy.

Or maybe you’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars collecting leads at a tradeshow, only to see the top 10% turn into sales with nothing done with the other 90%.

What to do with these “warm” leads that with a little patience and time might turn into profitable sales? With marketing automation, it’s easy to build ongoing email campaigns that can keep prospects engaged with your firm until they are ready to buy.


Email Marketing, Email Campaign and CRM Solutions

DJA’s marketing automation software, provided through a partnership with Sharp Spring, delivers:

  • Automated email response
  • Outbound email campaigns
  • Web visit tracking
  • Inbound marketing
  • Sales Force or other CRM integration
  • Lead scoring
  • Campaign analytics

DJA’s marketing automation capabilities deliver everything needed to engage with prospects and keep your company top of mind while they work their way through the sales process.

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