B2B Marketing Resources: Economic Reopening

The initial shock of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the global healthcare system and economy is past. Strategic B2B marketers have started to think about what’s next for their business. Is it right to simply hunker down and remain cautious? Or is it more prudent to adjust and begin to rebuild? The right approach depends on your business and the impact the virus has had on it. 

DJA wants to be a resource for you. We have dedicated this page to provide the latest in informative articles and critical research for post-coronavirus B2B marketing. Coupled with our  own blog posts, these resources provide a one-stop site for B2B marketers looking for direction. If we can help personally, please email us today. Do you know if a resource we can share? Email us that information and we’ll consider it for the site. 


Survey: US B2B decision-maker response to COVID-19 crisis

McKinsey has posted the latest in its surveys of B2B decision makers which finds that 50% of those surveyed believe their changes to their marketing spending will be either positive of neutral in the short and longer term. The survey concludes that US B2B marketing leaders are more optimistic about the economic situation after COVID-19 compared to the world average, and trail only China,  India and France. The survey was conducted of 3,600 B2B decision makers at companies in a wide range of industries with sales between $100 million  to $10 billion in the US and 10 countries in  Europe, Asia and Latin America. If you need a deep data perspective, this is a great resource that will be updated regularly.

What B2B marketing leaders think about the future of face-to-face events

Before coronavirus, physical events were a critical part of B2B marketing – even in this digital marketing age. But the current crisis has caused a profound shift. Will our dependence on live, physical events return or not…or morph into something new altogether. Marketing leaders share their insights in this virtual roundtable.

Content and coronavirus: How you can differentiate from the masses

There’s a lot of me-too “coronacontent” during the crisis – which makes sense. But now its time to rethink content and how it drives SEO for your business. In this article, marketing experts give their advice for content programs in this phase of the pandemic.

DJA Blog: Should Your Marketing Messages Change During the Economic Reopening?

We’re in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic but worldwide, there are signs that the tide of the pandemic is turning. The economic reopening is coming, and with it the question: Is there anything marketers need to do differently? One of the first areas marketers should consider as they look to restart their campaigns is marketing messages.


Trust Barometer Special Report: Brand Trust And The Coronavirus Pandemic

In this research report, Edelman surveyed consumers around the world on the critical role brands are expected to play during the coronavirus pandemic. This new data reveals the power and necessity of brand as well as an urgent need to act. Brands should find solutions instead of selling passion or image. They need to be tangible and fast, not impressionistic and conceptual.

Coming Soon: The New Normal in B2B Marketing

The learning curve for B2B marketing leaders has never been steeper than it is right now in the wake of the coronavirus. In this roundtable discussion, a panel of B2B marketing experts provides five tips on how to market during the crisis.

A Global B2B Marketer’s Take on Coping with the COVID-19 Crisis

B2B marketers must adapt to the shifting sands COVID-19 crisis has presented.  Brand messaging must evolve from a focus on product and service capability to an emphasis on community.  How are you helping customers solve an immediate pain point. Unfortunately, too many are still pushing sales or self-serving messages. That’s the view of Kemp chief marketing officer, Tony Thompson.

B2B Marketers Need to Change Their Vision to Succeed During the Pandemic

B2B tech companies need to drive their business forward continually by expanding their measurable and relationship-based strategies, including email marketing, search marketing, social media marketing, lead nurturing, and cultivation of online communities.

Coronavirus: The Implications for B2B Commerce

B2B eCommerce is more important than ever and the salesforce has an even more precise and critical role to play. Reaching customers, being top-of mind, and capturing demand as it happens will require B2Bs execute with excellence in their eCommerce channels and digital marketing efforts.


Coronavirus Topical Guide

Writing a press release? Here’s AP Style entry for COVID-19.


Case Study: Office 365 Rebranding During the Crisis

Is it safe to rebrand during a pandemic? Microsoft thinks so. Here’s a case study on its rebranding of Office 365


Best Email Practices During Coronavirus

Don’t use this moment as a re-engagement opportunity. Don’t send emails for the sake of sending emails. Instead, think about what people are most likely to need from your brand or service that you can provide – whether it’s a light distraction in the midst of the chaos, a product, or a resource.


Twitter Offers Advice for Brand Communications Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Perhaps you have curated much of your news about coronavirus from Twitter in recent weeks. Don't forget Twitter is also a tool to jumpstart your marketing. In this post, Twitter specialists caution marketers about opportunistically linking themselves or their brands to a health scare. What follows are the company’s tips on how to thoughtfully navigate the new reality.

Reducing Digital Marketing Due to COVID-19? Read this First

It’s tempting to reduce digital marketing during this crisis. But it might not be the right decision. For one thing, with other advertisers taking a hiatus, bid prices are cheap. Instead, careful and creative daily management can optimize impact of resources spent. Now is also a good time to maximize email – with the right messaging.

B2B Turns to Digital Marketing in Wake of Coronavirus Outbreak 

These days, a growing number of organizations are minimizing face-to-face meetings. An inevitable consequence is the need to change digital strategies, turning it into a key source of lead generation. The major advantage of digital marketing — besides the fact it does not require face-to-face interaction — is its measurability. With a digital strategy, marketers can obtain a clear picture of their spending return on investment (ROI). As we adjust to the impacts of coronavirus, now is a great time to fine-tune the following features of your company’s visibility and promotion strategy:

  • Website content – Ensuring it contains the right marketing messages with the right call for action
  • SEO – Checking your current website organic search rankings and optimizing them for search engines to improve the quality and quantity of your web traffic
  • Content marketing – Using this opportunity to generate ideas for new blog posts and to start writing the next newsletter for your customers
  • Press releases and articles – Thinking of informative topics to educate the media and your clients and writing professional articles
  • Marketing materials – Preparing presentations, brochures and other marketing materials
  • Social media engagement – Strategizing how you can improve social media engagement and writing new case studies, white papers and professional articles; increasing the number of webinars you hold
  • Video – Drafting the storyline for your next video