Agency Survey: Tell Us What You Really Think

Every year we do a client survey to determine where DJA is exceling and, yes, where we could improve.

Our 2012 end-of-year survey was 17 questions long, with quantitative responses and places for comments. The results are not scientific, but there were enough client responses for us to feel confident that the feedback is valid.

We take the input very seriously. Each year, we discuss it at staff meetings. We use the feedback to plan and implement staff training programs. It even impacts my own goals for the agency. And, this year, I’m writing a blog post about it.

So, how are we doing at DJA?

The agency scored its best marks on the question: “How would you rate the service you received (from DJA)?” I’m very glad to see such positive results here, because the DJA team works hard on being responsive to clients and proactive behind the scenes.

We also scored well on the question: “How would you rate the agency team’s understanding of your business?” High scores here are also important because this plays a big role in the value we add to our clients.

On the other hand, the area we showed a need for most improvement in is the reporting of PR program results. This has been an area of concern for me as well. The impact of PR has spread beyond just media relations, to include web traffic and social media prominence. The challenge is to find the right balance of metrics to show the impact of various campaigns, without the reporting costs dwarfing program costs.

There’s a lot going on in this area that we’re tracking, including the Barcelona Principles, but a lot of its seems to be too much for our core B2B technology client base. We’ve made some changes in the way we report results to clients, but the search continues in 2013 for an even better way to measure and report the business value of specific campaigns.

Perhaps, an even bigger surprise to me was that “blog writing” was the top answer to our survey question: “What new services would you like to see this year?”

In fact, the agency already manages many client blogs – from blog writing to managing editorial calendars. We’ve also developed social media contests, and work with client Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn postings. Everyone on the team is a professional writer and all are trained on WordPress. Clearly, we’ve got to get the word out that writing and social media management are in fact, a large part of the core services provided by DJA.

I’d like to finish here by looking back at the many positive open-ended client responses we received. One client said DJA did a “great job dealing with the multiple product lines and their respective stake holders.” Another liked our “follow up, attention to detail (and) strategy.” And finally, this client said, “…the team provided thoughtful advice and energetic initiative throughout the year.”

And with that positive reinforcement, we’re off to do even better this year.


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