Content Marketing


Content marketing is a vital tool for both search engine optimization activities, and customer education, thought leadership and sales. But it is not necessarily easy. There are so many content options available that it’s never been a better time to produce and distribute fresh and valuable content. 

Creating great content requires a well-developed message. It also requires an understanding of how to use each content type – blogs, videos, podcasts, webinars, social media, etc. – to its fullest. DJA is your expert provider for effective content marketing.

Why Use Content Marketing?

The buying process for many B2B technology products starts with a web search. This is true for products in all price ranges. Because of the importance of searching, it’s much more important to show up on the first page of native search results. Content marketing is the foundation of this effort because search engines want to show the most relevant search results. And they look to the content on your site to determine your relevance. 

Thus, content marketing is focused on creating and distributing content that is relevant to the needs of prospects and customers. 

Some of the other benefits of content marketing include:

  • Increased advertising response: Content pieces like whitepapers or infographics are a great way to help measure the success of an advertising campaign. By offering a high-value whitepaper, infographic or other content, marketers can encourage prospects to respond to ads and marketers can better know how well their marketing is appealing to those prospects. 
  • Thought leadership: Many executives want to make their ideas about certain business or societal trends known within their industry. Blogs, webinars, contributed articles and other documents and forums can be used to discuss a key issue in the market or society. Consistent posting and content distribution can lead to media interviews and conference speaking on the thought leadership topic to further amplify their message. 
  • Social media content: The most powerful social media programs happen when a company can use these media to point people back to their website. Since most websites are static, the posting of new blogs, articles, videos, podcasts and other content is where that fresh social media fodder comes from. 
  • Lead Generation: In addition to advertising response mentioned above, it’s possible to leverage outbound email marketing or inbound marketing in conjunction with a video, blog or other document to encourage prospects to engage in the sales process. 

Running a Content Marketing Campaign

A successful campaign starts with an understanding and a commitment to executing for up to three months before real results start to show up. This timeframe changes for each company and is determined by taking an audit of company messages and current programs. This allows you to see how to improve what is already in place and what new programs should be added.  

DJA can help you every step of the way with content marketing – from content development to content promotion. The goal of all of our campaigns is to create valuable, relevant and consistent content that attracts an audience with the objective of driving profitable customer action.

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