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What Are Your Toughest PR Challenges?

I just finished an interesting article by Mickie Kennedy in PR Daily discussing three of the toughest challenges PR pros face. She lists battling stereotypes, getting heard and everyone thinking they know everything as her biggest hurdles—for the most part I agree, but for different reasons. Ms. Kennedy says PR pros are seen as manipulators…
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The Corporate Blog—20 Ways to Maximize ROI

DJA writes corporate blogs for several clients. Some are committed to the notion of incorporating social media into their marketing budgets and activities and some don’t understand social media and are worried about the time investment of a blog. When discussing the idea of a corporate blog with a client, the most common question is…
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Three Steps for Overcoming Writer’s Block

Having a hard time getting started on a difficult (or uninspiring) writing project? Overwhelmed by the technical details? I recently read an article in the PRSA newsletter that really helped clarify for me how to get organized and get going when I’m having “writer’s block.” Process is really important in a writing project. Common traps…
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