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Success Tips from a “Serial Cereal” Entrepreneur

Paul Shrater calls himself a "serial cereal" entrepreneur because cereal was the inspiration for, the successful e-commerce business run by Paul and his family.  It was at the end of a family vacation when his family lamented having to throw away boxes of cereal and other uneaten food that the thought came to him:…
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What we’re reading: The slush pile

This Ann Friedman article in the Columbia Journalism Review highlights an experiment conducted by fiction writer David Cameron who took a story from the New Yorker gave it a new headline and pitched it to six editors to see if they would publish it. The results? Shockingly—okay, not at all shockingly—every single publication said no.…
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Communicating the Pivot

Pivots – the changing of direction that restarts growth in a company – are in the news lately. Twitter, PayPal, Groupon, Starbucks and Nokia are all publicized examples of successful pivots. Most experts say that pivots are a good and necessary thing for all businesses. But, they often involve getting into new markets or making…
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