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Success Tips from a “Serial Cereal” Entrepreneur

Paul Shrater calls himself a "serial cereal" entrepreneur because cereal was the inspiration for, the successful e-commerce business run by Paul and his family.  It was at the end of a family vacation when his family lamented having to throw away boxes of cereal and other uneaten food that the thought came to him:…
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A Word of Advice for Entrepreneurs

If you are an entrepreneur, Adam Draper has one word of advice for you: focus. He actually had many words for the 100 or so assembled entrepreneurs who came to hear him speak at the Cal Lutheran Center for Entrepreneurship as part of the 805 Startups program organized by Alon Goren (twitter: @alonymous). But focus…
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The Race to $900 Million

There's a small, but strong, group of entrepreneurs in "the 805," the California region that ranges from Thousand Oaks to north of Santa Barbara. Its not as famous as Silicon Valley, nor does it match the growing entrepreneurial fame of Los Angeles to the south. But if the team at 805 Startups has its way,…
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