What We’re Reading: How a software company’s blog gained 4 million users in just 2 years

“What makes our blog different is that we take pride in our blog explicitly; we keep it top center of the home page.”

– Andrew Sinkov, vice president of marketing for Evernote

In a recent staff meeting, the DJA team discussed Ragan Communications’ recent blog post, “How a software company’s blog gained 4 million users in just 2 year,” which looked at Evernote’s ability to grow its blog dramatically. Afterwards we did some additional research and can across a TechCrunch article that outlines the company’s quick journey to four million users.

One of the main things that stuck out in both articles was the emphasis on the role of the company’s blog in growing its user base. In the TechCrunch article, Evernote Chief Executive Phil Libin notes “nearly 100% of all new users are attracted organically through blogs and word-of-mouth.”

This led us to take a look at Noteworthy Blog, Evernote’s corporate blog to find out what makes it so successful. One of the main things that stuck out is the blog is one of only three items on the main navigation bar of the company’s corporate website. This allows the company to display its thought leadership front and center for anyone who visits its site.

After discussing all of this research, we came to the conclusion that there are three key aspects to the success of this blog. First, content – Evernote posts six categories of content on its blog. Second, frequent updates – Evernote updates the blog three to five times a week. Third, authenticity – Evernote monitors comments for spammers, but most comments are approved, whether positive or negative.

What do you think – has Evernote mastered the keys to blogging success? What are your top recommendations for successful blogging? Let us know in the comments below!

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