Blogging – Why is it Important?

Whether your business is large or small, blogging is an essential component of your marketing communications strategy. Blogs enhance your online presence, generate leads, and provide a valuable source of timely information.

Blog posts can be serious or witty, providing content that: educates readers about your industry or company; describes a customer success story; reports on a special event; introduces key players; and more.


3 Key Reasons to Work with DJA on Your Blog

  1. Increased Brand Awareness – blogs can be used to tell a story about your products or services. This provides a platform for increasing brand awareness by sharing background information, images, descriptive details, client benefits, use cases, etc.

  2. Drives Traffic to Your Website – used in conjunction with social media, the blog will bring more visitors to your website. Including inbound links within the blog lets you redirect readers to other sections of your website and enhance customer engagement.

  3. Demonstrates Thought Leadership – blogs with themes relevant to your market allow readers to recognize your company as a highly trusted industry leader with the knowledge, expertise, and advanced technology they are seeking.


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