About DJA

B2B Communications That Help You Connect With Customers

B2B CommunicationsThe David James Agency (DJA) is your partner for powerful and successful B2B communications programs that drive new business opportunities.

In fact, our mission is to create clear communications that inspire action. Click, call, consider, inspire, email, buy – these are the customer actions that we strive for with every B2B communications project we undertake.

DJA was founded in 2003 to be a trusted partner to emerging technology companies to advance their business goals through improved market communications.

Since that time we've worked with start-ups and Fortune 500 conglomerates. DJA helps solidify customer messages and boost awareness with customers and industry influencers leading to more prospects and shorter sales cycles.

B2B Communications Optimized for Impact

The B2B communications plans we develop utilize the PESO model – emphasizing paid, earned, shared and owned media to maximize impact. And we make SEO a key component of your program because most customers will start their journey to becoming your customer with a web search.

The tactics we use for your B2B communications program will vary depending on the needs of your business, but may include press releases, media outreach, blogging, video creation, content marketing, outbound email or social media. All aspects of the strategy and tactics are designed to work in harmony to position your company, increase its awareness and expand the top line.

Why We Stand Out

DJA has been able to obtain outstanding results for its clients because its experienced team is hyper responsive to both clients and editors and is totally focused on technology B2B communications campaigns. This focus allows us to set and adopt emerging best practices that get the best results for our clients.

By thinking holistically about the tactics we will use on our clients’ challenges and opportunities, DJA utilizes all B2B communications tools to maximize the impact of its programs. For example, we’ll take a press release worthy product launch or company event, and think through other possibilities in social media, as a blog, as the basis of a webinar or as a video, in addition to other ways to get the word out.

We’ve helped clients in a wide range of deep technology and B2B industries. Email us here to get started and learn how DJA can help you with your B2B communications needs.

DJA Managing Director: David Rodewald

DJA Managing Director: David Rodewald

David is a communications, public relations and marketing professional who is driven to apply the latest communications techniques and analytics to advance business goals and build strong brands. A writer by nature, David has a keen ability to develop a company’s story and relate it to all appropriate audiences.  Prior to establishing DJA, David served as Group Vice President of Communications for Alcatel’s Enterprise and Consumer Group, based in Paris, France. Previously, he has worked at Xylan, Lantronix, Manning Selvage and Lee, and Fleishman-Hilliard (formerly KVO). David began his career as a reporter in Portland, Oregon. He holds bachelor’s of arts in Journalism and Business from Oregon State University, and an MBA from UCLA.