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How to Maximize Your Media Relations This Trade Show Season

Trade show season – I know, even hearing the words is exhausting. The fact is, it’s that time of year where PR and marketing teams are busier than ever, booking travel, setting up booths, completing marketing collateral and press materials....the list of to dos is seemingly endless. Trade shows are an excellent location for companies…
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Why Retiring LinkedIn Products Pages is a Good Thing

Say goodbye to LinkedIn product and service pages. And a vocal group of LinkedIn users are not happy. Take a visit to the LinkedIn Help Center, and you’ll see pages upon pages of posts from unhappy users who say they are “extremely upset,” and “absolutely furious,” and that this is an “insane decision.” “Insane Decision”…
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Using LinkedIn Sponsored Updates

Recently, DJA attended a webinar by LinkedIn that provided excellent information on LinkedIn sponsored updates. Here’s a quick summary of what we learned. Like other social media sites, LinkedIn has a section for people or businesses to post a status update where they can share information, links and photos. This is a great place to…
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Out With the Old – Is it Ever Appropriate to Delete Blog Content?

This blog is a collaborative effort by the entire DJA team, from interns to the managing director. But as with any company, sometimes team members move on to new opportunities. One question the DJA team often discusses in staff meetings is when, if ever, is it appropriate to remove old blog posts? Pamela Seiple at…
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Even Professional Writers Can Use a Refresher on Good Writing

One of my clients, Exec-Comm, a business communication skills consulting firm, recently hosted its Action Writing public program and invited me to join as a participant. The program is designed to help business people write better to achieve action from readers. As someone who has worked in PR for the past five years, I consider…
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Be Wary of New Crop of “Free” and “Unlimited” PR Distribution Services

Just this month, I’ve received dozens of emails and multiple phone calls from various press release distribution services offering “special pricing” for an “unlimited number of press releases.” As enticing as that all sounds for $49 per month, after years of following the Business Wires and Marketwires of the world, I’m wary of this crop…
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Advice: Finding Time to Blog

Type “finding time to blog” in Google and you’ll get more than 19 BILLION results. It’s something we often discuss with our clients – blogging is great, but requires a great deal of time. And as I sat down to write this post, it had been nearly one month since we posted our last agency…
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