Monthly Archives: April 2013

Out With the Old – Is it Ever Appropriate to Delete Blog Content?

This blog is a collaborative effort by the entire DJA team, from interns to the managing director. But as with any company, sometimes team members move on to new opportunities. One question the DJA team often discusses in staff meetings is when, if ever, is it appropriate to remove old blog posts? Pamela Seiple at…
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Agency Survey: Tell Us What You Really Think

Every year we do a client survey to determine where DJA is exceling and, yes, where we could improve. Our 2012 end-of-year survey was 17 questions long, with quantitative responses and places for comments. The results are not scientific, but there were enough client responses for us to feel confident that the feedback is valid.…
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The Power of Branding at Xerox

Engineers and branding often times don’t mix well. The value of branding activity is not always apparent and not easily measured. When compared to spending money on a workstation, it can be hard to justify the cost of a brand-building project. But listening to Ursula Burns, CEO and Chairman of Xerox – herself an engineer…
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