Monthly Archives: July 2011

Three Steps for Overcoming Writer’s Block

Having a hard time getting started on a difficult (or uninspiring) writing project? Overwhelmed by the technical details? I recently read an article in the PRSA newsletter that really helped clarify for me how to get organized and get going when I’m having “writer’s block.” Process is really important in a writing project. Common traps…
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Writing for Wikipedia: Easier Said Than Done!

This year on its 10th birthday, Wikipedia was reported to have 17 million entries in more than 250 languages. Often one of the top results in Google search, the power of having a Wikipedia page is undeniable. However, getting your business, no matter how small or big, onto Wikipedia can prove to be a daunting…
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The Mischaracterization of PR

Richard Edelman, CEO of Edelman Public Relations, recently posted Marketing 3.0 and the Mischaracterization of PR, where he comments on a new book written by Northwestern Business School Prof. Philip Kotler, one of the foremost authorities on marketing. Here are the excerpts Edelman takes issue with: "We have observed that many companies undertake socially responsible…
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