Monthly Archives: May 2010

Take it from Iron Man, Your PR Needs Some Emotion

  [caption id="attachment_56" align="alignleft" width="231" caption="Iron Man not Gold-Titanium Man"][/caption] “Iron Man, that’s kind of catchy.  It’s got a ring to it.  I mean it’s not technically accurate, because it's a gold, titanium alloy, but its kind of evocative imagery anyway.” – Tony Stark, Iron Man Iron Man is catchy.  Gold-Titanium Man not so much. …
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Google Buzz –Buzzworthy for Emerging Tech Firms or Not?

Earlier this year Google debuted its Google Buzz, the latest social media platform to attempt to compete with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Automatically registered with their Gmail account, users are able to share status updates, photos, videos and links. So far it sounds exactly like the other social media platforms, which begs the question -…
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