Seriously, Wearable Technology? Turns out, We’re Not That Far Off!

Watch.jpgLast month I saw the movie Her and thought to myself how crazy it would be to get to a time when our lives are that intertwined with wearable technology, but after my visit to the Ventura Ventures Technology Center (V2TC), I realized, we’re not that far off.

The V²TC is a Ventura technology business incubator located in downtown Ventura, approximately 30 minutes from The David James Agency. The organization hosted “Towards Internet of Things. Computing: Wearables, Sensors, Lifestyles” on February 3 giving the community a rare opportunity to hear from N. Rao Machiraju, Co-Founder and CEO reQall, Inc. and former Principal Scientist at Apple.

Machiraju’s company had announced that morning, “reqallable, the first context-aware app for the Sony Smartwatch that lets you act on what matters most in email and text messages, straight from your watch.” Machiraju spent the 45-minute talk sharing his thoughts on technology over the years and how “technology will be smarter than the average human being in 20 years.” A crazy thought, but after seeing how quickly the Smartwatch sorted through email and allowed a user to make quick decisions on top priority items, I am amazed at what technology can do today and can only imagine where it’s headed!

Machiraju and his team of three others took only 64 days from concept to announcement on reqallable. It was amazing to sit in a room of such brilliant individuals and hear their thoughts on not only where technology is heading, but also how much of the work is done here in our little hometown. The V²TC seems to be a great place for these companies and other technology thought leaders to share their ideas and I look forward to the next event by the V²TC.

Who knows if we’ll get to a point where we’re having full conversations with our phones like the characters of Her, but after hearing from Machiraju I can definitely see the possibility and benefit of having more context aware technology to simplify our lives.

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